San Bernardino Leak Repair & Slab Leaks

Leak detection & slab leaks in San Bernardino are among the services that Five Star Rooter & Plumbing offers. If you suspect you have a leak, let us know right away. This will save you money in costly repairs.

We detects leaks in the home and we’re not invasive about it. We don’t disturb your dwelling or disrupt your schedule in any way. Instead, we search until we find the source of your leak before it manifests into a bigger problem like a high water bill or damage to your property.

Choose Five Star Rooter & Plumbing for All Leak Detection Services in San Bernardino CA

In the event that we do discover a leak, we’ll repair it for you. We even detect sewage and gas leaks, too. If your water lines are broken or damaged, we’ll do what we can to get them repaired right away.

In the water main is the culprit, we’ll repair and replace it when necessary. You don’t need to worry what time of day you contact us either. We offer emergency repair services and are available 24 hours a day.

There is a reason why people in San Bernardino trust us with their leak detection and slab leak issues. We’re prompt, polite, and professional. We give you the time and attention that you deserve.

A slab leak is detected when the sound of running water continues even after the water has been turned off. If there is a hot spot on the floor, it may be attributed to a water line leak. You may even notice mildew on walls and carpeting which can cause a health hazard if not addressed right away.

More importantly, we treat your job like a priority. We know what a hassle plumbing issues are for a homeowner. That’s why we do what we can to reduce your stress and get the problem taken care of right away.

If you’re pleased with the work that we’ve done for you, don’t hesitate to tell others in the community about us. Your family, friends, and co-workers need a good, reliable plumbing company they can count on, too. Let them know just how amazing Five Star Rooter & Plumbing is so they have a company they can call when they need assistance with a plumbing issue, too.

We pride ourselves on being the type of company that people contact whenever they have plumbing problems. If fast service and skilled plumbers are what you value, you’ve come to the right place. We offer both!

Reach out to us with your plumbing concerns. We’re here to help you at all hours. Don’t waste another second dealing with a leaky faucet or pipe.

Save yourself time and money by getting a repair done right away. Over time, a leak can cost you astronomical sums of cash. Getting it taken care of immediately makes it so you can sleep a little easier at night.

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