San Bernardino Drain Cleaning

Five Star Rooter & Plumbing knows how difficult having a clogged drain becomes for the occupants of a household. Standing water becomes stagnant and filled with bacteria. The best resort to combatting a drainage issue is to contact a skilled plumbing company like ours.

We get to the root of the matter right away. We take a look at the drain and determine our course of action. Sometimes it requires us to remove debris from the trap and other times, it requires a more extensive repair.

No matter what the cause of your clogged drain may be, it’s high time that you got it fixed and went back to your normal routine. We value your time the way we value our own. That’s why we offer 24 hour service because we know how a plumbing issue feels like an emergency.

Why Drain Cleaning Services from Five Star Rooter & Plumbing?

Drain cleaning & repair in San Bernardino makes a problematic drain feel like less of a problem. That’s because we get to your home right away to take care of the issue irking you. If you want your pipes to keep working optimally, you’ll want to have us come out and diagnose the clog right away.

There are a number of ways we do this. For example, some require camera inspection. Others involve installation of clean outs. From time to time, a new sewer line is required.

In the best cases, the sewer line needs repaired. If you have a sink, tub or toilet that is backing up, it’s a mess to deal with. You don’t have to suffer through another day of mucky, dirty waste water.

Your San Bernardino Plumbers

Sometimes, a clog is caused by tree roots and other outside debris. We’ll take a look and see if this is what’s causing your plumbing problem. We’ll then determine what plan of action to take and make you a partner in the decision making process.

Let the experts at Five Star Rooter & Plumbing know what’s up so we can tackle your repair quickly and effectively. You won’t be without a usable sink, tub or toilet for any longer because we’ll get it taken care of.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your plumbing needs. We’re available to assist you day and night. We’re a name you can count on whenever you need your drains cleaned or repaired.

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